Hair is apart of the body, but its function is little more than decorative. Especially for women, head hair is considered to be very desirable, so we grow and groom it with care. On the other hand, body hair can be considered shameful, which leads people to want to cover or remove it. Once our hair has become disconnected from our bodies, we tend to treat it with disgust - even though it has a lasting presence that not only outlives our bodies, but even defies death and decay. This work literally incorporates a part of my body into the creative act. I started collecting and documenting my own naturally falling hair at the end of 2015. I used circular frames to photograph and store my falling hair; these images seem like they were captured through the lens of a microscope. To document the state of my emotions and health at the time each picture was taken, some photos are negatives and while others are positives. The line between the beautiful and the grotesque fascinates me, especially in respect to our connection with hair. Visually, I find it interesting how hairs can create a natural pattern and I am intrigued by the social norms that guide and shape our collective opinions of our tresses.

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